Google isn’t playing games when it comes to Enterprise Cloud. They are Internet’s OG yet they find themselves in third place in a two horse race. Amazon and Microsoft are owning the space. While Google is late to the race, they aren’t out of it. If anything, they’re entering a mature market and they have a fantastic value proposition to customers. They’re hanging their hats on tech because that’s what they do better than anyone. While they don’t (yet) have the market share, the tools in their bag are ready to bring big value to customers. They’ve hardened Kuberbnetes and believe microservices are the next big thing in Enterprise Cloud, in fact they’re rolling out a 1.0 version of their microservices platform called Istio.


Google is introducing a version of Kubernetes called GKE On-Prem designed specifically for customers who need to manage their own data centers. The idea is to let potential hybrid cloud customers get used to Kubernetes within their own environments before taking the plunge on the public cloud, obviously with Google’s help.


So here’s the deal, it’s an uphill battle for Google Cloud. I think they’re okay with that and up to the challenge. This is not a battle, it’s a war and Google is here for the long haul.








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