Building blocks

  Another day another dollar. CT has cooled their shit regarding the LN trust chain. The Livera pod with @jack and @starkness was alright. I think it felt like a love fest. I wish they had covered more in depth about the challenges and opportunities, but whatever. On the other hand, my side hustle is […]

Bearish but bullish

  I know you’ve read the Bezos letter to Pecker about the dick pic. What crazy times we live in lol. Filed taxes yesterday and looking forward to that return. Not much planned for the weeekend but that doesn’t mean I won’t have some fun! Smoking yard bird and playing with the kiddos. I need […]

JPY Raging

  I wish there was a way to participate in the APJ markets, especially on platforms like Twitter. Come on and autotranslate the tweets already. There’s obviously big things happening in the far East, JPY volume is an indicator you can’t overlook. If Pierre and friends want LN to take over the world, they better […]


  More legislation for bitcoin is a good thing. You’ve got to start somewhere when it comes to building a new financial system, besides product, legal framework is a pretty good thing to spend cycles on. I assume States that put bitcoin friendly legislation in place will be in a much better place fiscally over […]


What a year. As we near the end of 2018 I am trying to make a list of the things I’m thankful for, some of the things I’d like to improve, and a list of goals as I roll into the new year. I had some huge life events happen and love my friends and […]

Crypto China

I was reading through Mary Meeker’s massive Internet Trends 2018 deck and was floored by the numbers on China. Side Notes, need to learn Mandarin. The specific slides on internet leadership by market value was the real indicator. Based of 2018 rankings, the top 20 internet companies are either US or China based with (11) […]