Another week in crypto

We pumped, we dumped, new HW came out, folding phones are a thing, just another week in crypto.

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3D Shaped Triangles


Did you know Phantogram and Big Boi colloborated? No, you didn’t.



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Building blocks


Another day another dollar. CT has cooled their shit regarding the LN trust chain. The Livera pod with @jack and @starkness was alright. I think it felt like a love fest. I wish they had covered more in depth about the challenges and opportunities, but whatever. On the other hand, my side hustle is still coming together. Hammering out bplan.


Here’s some news


Bearish but bullish


I know you’ve read the Bezos letter to Pecker about the dick pic. What crazy times we live in lol. Filed taxes yesterday and looking forward to that return. Not much planned for the weeekend but that doesn’t mean I won’t have some fun! Smoking yard bird and playing with the kiddos. I need to paint this damn house but it’s the worst.


Here’s the news.


Lightning in the dead of the night


Here’s what’s up. Sporadic. My queue is full. Lot’s of other posts to get to. CT is raging. Personal life is nuts. In a good way. Timing is everything, and I need the cards to flop now!


JPY Raging





What a year. As we near the end of 2018 I am trying to make a list of the things I’m thankful for, some of the things I’d like to improve, and a list of goals as I roll into the new year. I had some huge life events happen and love my friends and family.

Regarding news, it’s been a wild year. I don’t have a comprehensive list for the year, but that’s something I plan on working on for next year. How can I curate the best, and present it precisely. A project I’d really like to lift up is a crypto price chart that is overlaid with the best news. I think this could be accomplished through a couple ifttt recipes and Messari’s api. The bad news on that is I don’t know how to code a website let alone use an api.

So what’s realistic for next year?

The answer to this is very simple. Anything I want.

Goal SZN

  • Something big professionally is cooking. I can’t say right now because you aren’t under NDA but it’s a big one.
  • Get a mentor/be a mentor – This is something I’ve struggled with over the past couple years. I don’t have a mentor, big bro, or bud I go to for advice. I need/want this in my life. I’ve never had a mentor so I don’t know what expectations to have about being someones mentor. I think finding a mentor will be easier than becoming one.
  • Let’s get physical – I’ve got to get active. I have sat in the office chair for far too and grown far too weak. I’d like to participate in a sprint duathalon this year. Start running. Ride bicycle often. Sign up for race. Participate in race.
  • Get involved in philanthropy – I don’t know what when where how but do it
  • Move towards debt free – self explanatory. Get rid of these student loans.
  • 21 BTC – this is a personal goal. I’d like to have 1/1,000,000 of supply.
  • Grow spiritually – need to continue seeking light. Don’t stop.
  • And a bunch of other personal shit you don’t care about.

I think the list is doable and I really want to accomplish all these goals. I am ABSOLUTELY revising my vision board. Every time I work on it, things come true. Remember…





Crypto China

I was reading through Mary Meeker’s massive Internet Trends 2018 deck and was floored by the numbers on China.

Side Notes, need to learn Mandarin.

The specific slides on internet leadership by market value was the real indicator. Based of 2018 rankings, the top 20 internet companies are either US or China based with (11) US and (9) China based companies. The total market valuation for these companies was $5.7T. That’s bonkers, right?

This got me thinking about how bog this global market really is and how disconnected I feel personally from this global market. With nearly 50% of the top 20 internet companies based in China, what does this mean for the future of the internet? What does this mean for Crypto? Are the Chinese developing Crypto? Is there a parallel universe of Crypto Twitter with all the memes and snarkiness? Are there Chinese Bitcoin Maximalist? Are there Chinese Shitcoin Hodlers? Is there a Chinese Ripple Mafia?

I don’t have answers, or the means to get them.

All I know is that I need to learn how to crack into this market, make more friends, and have more bags.

Is the herd coming?

Is the herd finally coming?

We’ve been hearing about this herd of investors for a couple years from Mike Novogratz, this is the idea of institutional investors coming to crypto and then all their retail customers following them.

Last week there was significant moves made on the institutional side that I believe are strong signals that the herd is indeed coming.

This means average investors will soon be able to have exposure to crypto assets at one of the largest custodians in the world. My gut tells me this is not going to be a one off action, many more custodians will follow suit with hardcore FOMO.

As of writing this, we still don’t have an ETF but Fidelity bringing Crypto under its massive and trusted umbrella is a great sign for the eventual approval of the magical ETF.

Just HODL if at all possible, there’s too much opportunity in the next 12 months.