Their Cloud is Legit

Microsoft’s cloud now holds 16% market share in the competitive cloud computing market. Since Satya took over the helm at Microsoft in 2014, the company has enjoyed 180% increase in stock price. The companies increased focus on cloud first and the world class Surface business unit is driving the companies success. When you see the numbers from last quarter, they are really impressive, trust me and keep reading.


Revenue in Intelligent Cloud was $9.6 billion and increased 23% (up 20% in constant currency), with the following business highlights:

  • Server products and cloud services revenue increased 26% (up 24% in constant currency) driven by Azure revenue growth of 89% (up 85% in constant currency)

  • Enterprise Services revenue increased 8% (up 7% in constant currency)



Put that in your pipe and smoke it. They are embracing open source and devs are coming their way. Serverless, containers,  and linux are now a common thing at MIcrosoft and no longer cardinal sins. What do you think will happen to the smaller MSP and cloud providers? How can they stand out?


Earnings Release FY18 Q4 Microsoft Cloud Drives Record Fourth Quarter Results / Microsoft






They’re here to help

They're Here to Help


I love and hate the commercials on TV where the narrator paints a picture of a future where robots are taking all our jobs. Every old person I speak to is terrified of our AI assisted future. Look, I’ve read enough shitposts and watched enough Sci-Fi, I get it, to know that Skynet is real and we will be overtaken by our robot overlords. But that dystopian future is 100 years out. The near term sounds like AI will bring some great benefits like economic growth and overall market stabilization. These reports are a dime a dozen and really just predictions but I love reading them.


PWC AI Report
The solid line in the charts represents the net effect of AI, with the bars showing
the displacement and income effects.Graphic via PricewaterhouseCoopers


PWC used machine learning to model this report which is pretty crazy to think about…. a machine learning algorithm playing us, making us think we’re safe.


AI Won’t Kill The Job Market But Keep It Steady, PwC Report Says / Forbes




How to Wing a Team Presentation

How to Wing a Team Presentation






Bitcoin is Raging


The past 48 hours have been exciting for hodlers across the world. Crypto is raging thanks to a couple different events.

  • 2 days ago, Blackrock released a statement that they are are setting up a group to look into cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This sent all cryptos up around 5%
  • Yesterday, International financial watchdog, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), has released a report that found bitcoin and cryptocurrencies do not currently pose a material risk to the global financial system. According to a report published by the watchdog, cryptocurrencies “do not pose a material risk to global financial stability at this time.” This sent BTC raging up 10%.

This was huge news for Crypto. We are seeing big old money exploring crypto assets for their portfolio and also 3rd party regulators are now on the record in support of crypto. I would anticipate more money from Wall Street to announce movements into crypto for a couple reasons, namely they don’t want to be left behind. Now that Goldman is all in with Circle Invest, other players can enter the market without looking like a black sheep. I mean, if Goldman is doing it, surely it’s safe for us to do it and if they’re doing it, shouldn’t we?


Bitcoin extends gains as BlackRock looks into crypto and blockchain // CNBC

International Finance Watchdog In Surprise Bitcoin Backing As It Reveals Crypto Stocktake // Forbes



Here’s a seven day heatmap as of 7/18/2018 on the top coins:






Our 3D Printed Bill of Rights

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


A couple years ago, we were promised 3D printing would change the world. “This is the year of the 3D printer” the technologists sang from the tops of the blogosphere. Time passed and 3D printers had not made it mainstream and only found a place with manufacturing and engineering firms.


There was, however, one young patriot challenging the status quo by pushing 3D printing and the Bill of Rights to the limit. Enter Cody Wilson, founder of 3D printing startup Defense Distributed. He’s the thinker behind 3D printed guns.



So why are we talking about this now?

Wilson and co. have been in a stalemate legal battle with the Department of State about the legality of 3D printing guns. This week the DoS dropped it’s charges against Defense Distributed. Wilson claims the State had nothing on his arguments that he was protected by the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

“I think by the end DOJ realized they don’t actually want to argue with this because it’s such a stinker from a First Amendment point of view,…. So, I really think they needed to get out from under it and they already had the export control reform so they literally offered me a modification of the ITAR. They literally rewrite the ITAR for Defense Distributed in an anticipation of the change in the rules. Who knows when that happens, like a year from now. I don’t know. All this suggests they really needed to run away from it because we took it down to the mat.” Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson via the Washington Beacon

I know this isn’t a political blog but I’ve got to chime in because this is tech and politics intersecting. I love Liberty and couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this case. With this case, there is now a precedent that weapons that can be 3D printed are now protected by the 1st Amendment. The thing about tech is that once it’s released into the wild, you can’t uninvent it. It’s there. People have been enlightened and you can’t reverse it. Much like crypto and blockchain, this technology is here to stay and will certainly change the world.


State Department Gives Up Case Against 3D Printed Gun Pioneer / Washington Free Beacon

3D printed guns are now legal… What’s next? / TechCrunch




$1B Lost…

To bullshit ICO’s



Everywhere I read tech news I come across an article  screaming that crypto is a bubble and you should GTFO! We went through a similar bubble with the Dot-com Bubble. In that boom cycle, founders were registering clever domains and raising millions with the promise to investors that they would change the world. Fast forward 30 years and we’ve experienced a similar event although not quite the $5T lost back in 2002.


In 2017, more than 1000 ICO’s launched and failed. Yes, you read that right. 1000 have failed. That’s probably a conservative number too. It’s estimated that more than $1B was lost in that year too. Those kind of numbers make me sick to my stomach.


The fact there is that many crooked “startups” and that many dumb investors got me shook. Although I didn’t participate in any scam ICO’s, I still feel a bit guilty. I never read the white paper for Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum. So in a way, I feel guilty about throwing money at them last year.  Coinbase made it so easy and the markets were raging. I was like, oh shit I better get some Litecoin.


So how do we fix this?

This is a tough question to answer and I certainly don’t have THE answer but have some ideas. The first thing we have to do is read whitepapers. For those of you unfamiliar with the term whitepaper, it’s a technical document with little to no pictures that will bore you to death. Next thing to do is follow the crypto blogosphere. DYODD (Do Your Own Due Diligence). Start following hashtags on twitter, lookup keywords on YouTube, and also head over to Reddit. The last thing would be some kind of governance or regulation. I am not a fan of this but I had to write it down.


Crypto is soooo young that this kind of bubble and correction should be expected. Afterall, good money drives out bad money…. in a free market.


Cryptocurrency deadpool: Over $1B lost in 1,000+ initial coin offerings / SiliconANGLE





These Bots Are Ours


I found this great article last week that outlines a case for AI Nationalism. The basic premise was that as AI continues to rapidly advance, national governments will intervene in order to keep that technology within it’s country. In other words, national governments will block the merge/acquisition of AI companies by either foreign governments or companies. As a capitalist, I am like WTF, would a government go this far to protect IP? The answer is yes. AI is the next big thing and governments around the globe are dead set on being a/the leader in the space. The first country/company that reaches singularity wins.


Now fast forward to this week. It was Monday morning and I asked Google Home to read me the news. And what do you know? President Trump is in the news beating his chest about blocking acquisitions of companies by foreign interests.


The case for AI Nationalism is real, it is here, and I hope the group in Silicon Valley has its sleeves rolled up.


AI Nationalism / Ian Hogarth






Encryption Kills



NOTHING triggers me more than people with power taking away our personal liberties. Senior FBI Official, Aristedes Mahairas, is a prominent figure representing the Government when it comes to Cyber Security best practices. In a recent conversation with Business Insider, he’s on the record making bold claims about encryption:


“…every phone that is encrypted that potentially has evidence on it, that we cannot action, that represents at least one victim.”


This is a recurring theme from the government, or anyone in power who is threatened by freedom. Here’s what he’s really saying


“We are here to protect you from the bad guys. Encryption is used by bad guys, so you shouldn’t use encryption because encryption is dangerous. If you support encryption, you are helping the bad guys. In fact, every encrypted phone represents a victim.”

– My loose interpretation of Mahairas’ remarks about encryption


See what I mean. This kind of dialogue from Government leadership implies that they can do no harm, have nothing but just intentions, and dissent makes you a supporter of the bad guys. The reality is that some bad guys use encryption, but the vast majority of encryption users are law abiding tax paying citizens who are using the technology to protect themselves from the bad guys AND the prying eyes of a power hungry government.


My opinion is to do better. And please don’t tread on me.


Senior FBI agent: Every uncrackable phone we have represents a victim without justice / Tech Insider


P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all the Heroes out there.









I don’t have a problem with a hot laptop, but if I did I would be all over this 6 fan laptop cooler. Admire the RGB glory.

Avoid overheating with this six-fan adjustable laptop cooling pad for under $12 / PCWorld

The Empire Grows


  • Federal Judge approves AT&T acquisition of Time Warner Cable for $85B
  • Trump is pissed because he hates CNN and wanted to block the transaction
  • This is a move to position AT&T in a competitive spot versus Netflix/Amazon and their content creation machine


As an AT&T customer I can only hope this acquisition means higher quality of service and lower prices, but we all know what this means…. prices will slowly begin to creep up. I imagine we’ll see a move from AT&T to roll out a “cord cutting” option for customers or an a-la-carte option to pick the channels you want.


First DIRECTV now this?

Last year I got conned into switching from U-Verse to DIRECTV and almost instantly regretted the move. The latency in switching channels was one of my biggest problems and they still haven’t figured out how to make satellite TV work when its raining. So now they’ve got wired and wireless infrastructure and a content creation powerhouse under one roof. Look all I am saying is bundle this shit together and lower my prices please. And please improve 5G service in Plano.


AT&T wins: Judge clears $85 billion bid for Time Warner with no conditions / CNBC









This happened….



Where the meme’s come from


At least once a week I find myself saying out loud “Thank you Internet.” You know why? Fire memes. Memes are life, but do you know where they come from? No. You’re casual and have no idea how the internet runs or its rules. That’s why you’re here, reading this half ass “newsletter” on important topics.


But seriously, where do they come from?

In a word, 4chan. Yep, it’s the uncensored message board home to the Internets darkest personalities that aren’t on the dark web. (They’re probably on the dark web too) 4chan is like Reddit and has certain topics which develop a community. A big difference is that Reddit has usernames and 4chan is anonymous. That lends itself to no holds barred meme creation and a better Internet for all of us.


This is where internet memes come from / New on MIT Technology Review









This is 2018…

Just Listen


I wanted to share a really great podcast I’e been listening to the past couple weeks. It’s actually 2 podcasts but their both produced and hosted by Laura Shin and cover crypto and blockchain tech.



I especially liked the most recent pod on Unchained titled From the Oslo Freedom Forum: Blockchain vs. the Surveillance State – Ep.64.  It features some very bright minds in the space that are working towards liberty for all. I love hearing more and more people speaking about currency. It gives me great hope about the future, one where we have freedom of choice when it comes to money.


I haven’t made it through the entire backlog but it’s on my daily rotation.