I was reading through Mary Meeker’s massive Internet Trends 2018 deck and was floored by the numbers on China.

Side Notes, need to learn Mandarin.

The specific slides on internet leadership by market value was the real indicator. Based of 2018 rankings, the top 20 internet companies are either US or China based with (11) US and (9) China based companies. The total market valuation for these companies was $5.7T. That’s bonkers, right?

This got me thinking about how bog this global market really is and how disconnected I feel personally from this global market. With nearly 50% of the top 20 internet companies based in China, what does this mean for the future of the internet? What does this mean for Crypto? Are the Chinese developing Crypto? Is there a parallel universe of Crypto Twitter with all the memes and snarkiness? Are there Chinese Bitcoin Maximalist? Are there Chinese Shitcoin Hodlers? Is there a Chinese Ripple Mafia?

I don’t have answers, or the means to get them.

All I know is that I need to learn how to crack into this market, make more friends, and have more bags.

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