Crypto Twitter

Crypto Twitter is a pretty wild place. There’s tons of arguing over smart things, charts with arrows and annotations, memes galore. Do you hate $BCH? Great, you’ll love crypto twitter! Do you hate $XRP? Great, you’ll love crypto twitter! Do you think you make the best trades and want everyone to know about it? Great, you’ll love crypto twitter. Do you like to lurk in the shadows and watch other people complain and brag about making money? THEN, YES, YOU’LL LOVE CRYPTO TWITTER TOO!



This is my list of “traders” or people who comment on trading crypto. This list is constantly being edited.



This list is broad. Contains a many of the trading folks, but has more people talking about all things fintech.


There’s plenty of love AND hate to go around on both lists!


I literally just found this list of lists and am digging into it now. I will be updating my lists with many of the twitters that make sense.

**UPDATE** 30 minutes later, I’m subscribed to 3 additional newsletters and have a shit ton more people to follow on twitter. Fucking rabbit holes I tell you!