NOTHING triggers me more than people with power taking away our personal liberties. Senior FBI Official, Aristedes Mahairas, is a prominent figure representing the Government when it comes to Cyber Security best practices. In a recent conversation with Business Insider, he’s on the record making bold claims about encryption:


“…every phone that is encrypted that potentially has evidence on it, that we cannot action, that represents at least one victim.”


This is a recurring theme from the government, or anyone in power who is threatened by freedom. Here’s what he’s really saying


“We are here to protect you from the bad guys. Encryption is used by bad guys, so you shouldn’t use encryption because encryption is dangerous. If you support encryption, you are helping the bad guys. In fact, every encrypted phone represents a victim.”

– My loose interpretation of Mahairas’ remarks about encryption


See what I mean. This kind of dialogue from Government leadership implies that they can do no harm, have nothing but just intentions, and dissent makes you a supporter of the bad guys. The reality is that some bad guys use encryption, but the vast majority of encryption users are law abiding tax paying citizens who are using the technology to protect themselves from the bad guys AND the prying eyes of a power hungry government.


My opinion is to do better. And please don’t tread on me.


Senior FBI agent: Every uncrackable phone we have represents a victim without justice / Tech Insider


P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all the Heroes out there.









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