When two dull companies get together…

Office Depot announced it’s $1B acquisition of Compucom this week. Office Depot has seen revenues slide thanks to online disruption and CompuCom has seen HW/services rev slide due to increased competition from all fronts. So what’s the logical thing to do? M&A? You’re damn right. I’ve been thinking about the implications, but there’s a lot to wrap your head around. We’re talking a company with a large brick and mortar business who has relationships with many SMB customers and another company who hangs it’s hat on services in the enterprise. I think this could be a good thing if they can go to market quickly and figure out how to vibe with complimentary services.

Qoobo, the robotic cat

1 part terrifying 1 part comforting. Not sure if I am scared or want this right meow.

Blockchain is prime time over at IBM and their efforts are not paying off yet, but they are getting attention and more importantly buy in from some of the worlds largest financial houses.

Awe, Snap

That’s what you say when marketing screws up the big announcement. Snap Inc. “accidentally” updated their website that revealed a countdown timer for an upcoming announcement. They’re planning on launching art in AR around tourist locations. They’ve been hemorrhaging cash since before they went public, and in my old age I’ve learned to question all actions. I’m assuming this was a  calculated play from Snap. They could use the PR at this point.

People are buying Spectacles

If I was in high school or college I’d have a pair of Spectacles by Snap Inc., but I’m not and I don’t. Snap’s telling everyone they’ve sold 150K units. It would probably be a bigger number if they had brought these to market at retail or online instead of a handful of vending machines. Just saying.

Yahoo is saying they JUST NOW learned the big data breach from a year ago, you remember, that 1B account hack, was actually 3B. In other words, every single user. Nothing is sacred anymore.

DIY home security system

If you’ve got cameras monitoring your house and a NAS storing the footage then you’re already on your way to a DIY security system. Ring, maker of that smart doorbell, want to complete the picture with a security system that converges all their products into a single managed platform. This will include a keypad, door/window sensors, and video doorbell.

Can a browser be fun?

Last week Firefox rolled out new architecture that focused on speed and had a really cool screenshot tool built in. This week Opera’s beta brings the fun. They’ve built in a screenshot tool packed with stickers and a selfie feature but can that be enough to win back users? I think they should build in messaging and cloud storage but stickers are cool.

Meet me at the flagpole

Because AWS isn’t taking shit from Oracle Boss Larry Ellison. Ellison said AWS has been misleading customers about their database elasticity claims. It was more colorful but I don’t want to steal the articles thunder. AWS had a spokesman come out on a soapbox and correct Ellison. Too bad the soapbox was just a statement on the Internet. I wish I could validate elasticity claims on AWS Redshif DB vs. Oracle’s new autonomous database… but I’m just a sales guy with a cheap cup of coffee and bad attitude.

Oracle has all kinds of new toys

The blockchain train is leaving the station. Oracle just announced an end to end blockchain managed service for the enterprise. It’s too early to know what this means, but the post states that Oracle is laying a foundation for customers to get into blockchain and develop apps, api, and processes around the technology.

AI Platform Cloud Service

AI is challenging. It’s resource intensive on the HW and SW side. Oracle wants to change that by enabling data scientist with it’s new AI Platform Cloud Service. They’re rolling out the big boy compute nodes and complete stack of AI dev apps into a handy service. What would make this better? Yes, I agree…. A pair of Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU’s per instance for good measure.

The old fire alarm prank

Brought down Azure in Europe for more than 7 hours . I don’t think this was intentional but I do think this was a resume generating activity.

Samsung’s 49 inch widescreen monster monitor

Once you see this, you’ll want it. I’ve been dreaming of a 43 inch 4K display but this ultrawide beast might take the top spot. This will set you back $1,499.

When Elon and Rick discuss Singularity

Flying Taxi en route

I’m an early adopter for tech. If I sold more servers I’d buy a Tesla and let it drive me around town. While autonomous cars are something I can wrap my head around, flying cars might be where I draw the line. Bad news for me is that Airbus is working on a flying taxi and I’m going to have to redraw my lines. They will begin tests in 2018 for the flying taxi.

The illustrious cloud server

When all your eggs are in basket you re-think your strategy.. It’s been tough to compete with the Far East ODM’s in this space and much of HPE’s cloud server business is tied up with one customer, Microsoft. What will they do? There’s talk that Meg and company will get out of the cloud server market all together.

Do you even spin, bro?

Seagate released 12TB spinning disks for your desktop. That’s a lot of cat memes.

100 Minutes
A couple months ago Australia was dealing with huge power outages. Musk said tesla could deliver a battery based power system within 100 days of signing paperwork OR IT’S FREE. He had nearly ½ capacity up and running 100 minutes after the paperwork was signed. He’s got some amazing project managers.

Will Elon save Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in really bad shape. I’ve read articles that the island might not get power for another 3-6 months. Someone on twitter asked Elon if he could rebuild Puerto Rico’s infrastructure with renewables, and he said of course but there’s a catch. Rebuilding the island would be Tesla’s biggest island makeover but Musk said his platform is infinitely scalable. All he needs is Uncle Sam and Tio Sam.

Google’s big hardware reveal

To the max

If you’re in the Google services fan club, start saving because they dropped a new smart speaker dubbed the Google Home Max cranks it up. $399 for a loud speaker with some smarts built in.

Capture the moment

Would you clip a camera to your shirt or jacket so it can randomly take pictures when it thinks it’s a good moment? I don’t know either. The Google Clip is that camera and they’re betting there’s a market for a $250 clip on camera. The fact it chooses when and what to capture on its own is creepy cool.

A better pixel

It’s like Google was pissed off at bezels because the Pixel 2 XL almost forgot them. $649 for the Pixel 2 and $849 for the Pixel 2 XL.
Unlimited photo storage until the end of 2020

Let me translate that for you

(Inserts Google Pixel Buds into ears). $159 for real-time translations in your ear. This is how Google will beat Apple in hardware, a single trojan horse like this product. What google has that Apple doesn’t? AI assets from it’s years of search development as well as the HTC engineering team it just bought. Sure these things look like shit but who cares, anyone with an androind phone are going to want these.

Sounds like a human

Google’s AI can almost perfectly mimic human speech. This is great news because I hate directions being read to me by a emotionless robot.

The mini is confirmed

$49 and it’ll be sitting on my desk as soon as it’s available. If it works as advertised it’ll make its way to my kitchen and patio. It’s cute, cloth covered, and small enough to not make a scene.

Wally world in da house

In August, Google announced further partnership with Walmart that will allow Google Home users to shop for more than 2M products from Walmart all from the comfort of their Home. The service is live and users will get a $25 credit on their first purchase. Let’s hope they can put some pressure on Amazon.

Pixelbook is refreshed

I’ve never seen one of these in the wild, probably because it’s a $1000 chrome OS laptop. Sure it’s premium, and a very handsome Facebook machine but I still have a hard time understanding who this is for… (dumb rich and curious)

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