Another storm

I don’t want to get desensitized to natural disasters but damn it’s been a hell of a couple weeks. Thank goodness the internet doesn’t disappoint. This week was all about hacks, k8s, and AI killing us all.

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Pay with a smile

I told my wife that KFC was huge in Asia and she didn’t believe me. I told her that the Japanese get KFC on Thanksgiving and she lost her shit. Now KFC in China is rolling out “Pay with a Smile”. No, you don’t actually pay with a smile, rather a computer uses facial recognition to charge you for your order. That’s a FINGER LICKIN GOOD way to spin facial recognition.

143MYou were definitely hacked. Probably you were hacked. 143M of us Americans were hacked. It’s not your fault. It’s the guys fault who determine your credit worthiness, Equifax (Down 14% on Friday, does Wall Street Have a Backbone?). They got hacked and didn’t tell anyone for 29 days and some managers tried to cash out but their ass got caught and that’s called insider trading and their ass is going to jail. Don’t worry, it was only your Social Security Number, Credit Cards, Addresses, and Date of Birth. Nothing too important.

This guy’s going places

Iron Man, I mean Elon Musk, unveiled space suits for the manned trip to Mars. They are minimalist to say the least and I’m not sure it will compliment my dad bod.

But secrets are fun

Especially when they are secret military space planes riding on your rockets. Is there anything Elon can’t do?

Let’s hope he can’t predict the future

Elon believes many things… like we’re living in a simulation. I’m not bullshitting here but that thought keeps me up at night. but he’s been extra vocal here recently about the unintended dangers of AI. He is now on record saying AI will be the cause of WW3.

“Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia but for all humankind…Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.”

– Vlad 

IBM announced a $240M partnership with MIT to develop a “fundamental AI research project”. They’re basically laying the ground work to make Westworld our reality asap. Before we are living our dreams in the Wild West, research from this project will go towards machine learning and AI for healthcare and cyber security.

Cloudera wants in on the AI party

No one wants to be a wall flower, and that’s exactly how Cloudera has been feeling. With rival Hortonworks teaming up with Big Blue in the AI space, Cloudera needed to make a move. They announced this week their intention to acquire machine learning firm Fast Forward Labs. Fast Forward Labs has built a practice around application development and consultation services for machine learning. This should be a nice compliment to the Cloudera stack as they look to roll up their sleeves because this party is just starting.

The best week of the year

Microsoft had the best week of it’s life last week. Two weeks ago the Microsoft Azure team announced support and integration with Amazon AWS. Wall street was pretty stoked about the play and we saw this year’s highest price per share for Microsoft.

But that’s just the surface

The cloud isn’t the only business unit driving revenue for Microsoft. They make legit HW too. Mark your calendar for October 31 as they plan to unveil new HW from the Surface business unit. Maybe we’ll see new skins for your Surface Book designed by cool kids too.

Google Cloud gets another notch in it’s belt

It’s no secret that Google led cloud project Kubernetes is gaining serious steam. The container management space is crowded with OpenStack, Docker and Mesosphere trying to keep their seat at the table, but Kubernetes has won the hearts and minds of developers for this moment in time. The big win for Google Cloud this week was Mesosphere announcing it’s DC/OS will support Kubernetes in future releases. Diane’s team also announced the ability for companies to plug right into their data centers through Dedicated Interconnect.

What’s this mean?

Mesosphere has it’s own platform that competes with Kubernetes. Announcing integration with its rival does a couple things. First it shows that you play well with others. This is an open world we live in. But secondly, it shows they might not be winning the customers/developers it needs and they want to get on this rocket ship also known as Kubernetes before they are left on post-apocalyptic Earth all alone.

Mesosphere isn’t throwing in the towel

Look, they’ve got some big customers and have 300+ employees so things are good. This move is just an example of the product maturing and is a win win for customers. They locked down more than $110M in investments from Microsoft and HPE recently so this is far from over.

Speaking of HPE

Aunt Meg and the good people at HPE closed the spinoff of their software portfolio to Micro Focus. This will mark the end of an expensive era…. $11B…. Remember Autonomy? HPE’s earnings this week showed a 3% YoY growth thanks to its networking and new kid Nimble. HPE looks to be more focused than ever on the 4 walls of the datacenter but Meg says more work needs to be done.

So they bought another company

HPE abandoned their public cloud but they mean business when it comes to hybrid cloud. AWS is such a priority for HPE that Meg went out and bought a team that specializes in AWS apps and integration. Cloud Technology Partners is a 200-person solution provider leveraging IoT, big data and machine learning to help its customers build new and disruptive cloud solutions. While HPE doesn’t own a private cloud, their acquisitions and portfolio support their mission for enabling a hybrid infrastructure.

It’s gonna be called the iPhone X

Apple is known for tight lips when it comes to leaks but sometimes firmware does firmware things and ruins the surprise for everyone. Last week renders were leaked in a firmware update that had images of the next gen iPhone and we’ll be seeing 3 models for the 10th anniversary device; iPhone, iPhone Plus and iPhone X. $1000 for a phone? Yeah that’s where Apple will price the iPhone X. This will be the best possible facebook experience for your mom and I am sure it will sell millions.

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