The lines have been drawn

On the road that is. This week Silicon Valley was very active in the self-driving car wars. We saw a lot of action in the form of partnerships, lawsuits, and new rides.

Waymo and Intel are facebook official

They formally announced their partnership this week, which isn’t that big of a surprise since they’ve been dating a couple years but now it’s on the internet and they are a thing.

“Intel’s technology supports the advanced processing inside our vehicles, with the ability to manufacture to meet Waymo’s needs at scale.”
– Waymo CEO John Krafcik

This should send a strong message to rivals. When markets consolidate, it’s a sign of maturity and competition and I’m ready to never drive a car again.

Waymo, another Alphabet company, is suing Uber for $2.6B in damages. Apparently, you can’t take trade secrets with you when a rival company hires you.  If this case is won by Waymo, you could say Uber is funding the billion dollar Lyft investment from Alphabet

License to operate

That’s something Uber doesn’t have in the London. 40K jobs on the line because sources site sexual / physical assault from drivers as a key reason London rejected their permit extension. New leadership at Uber has their work cut out for them but this kind of distraction is exactly what they DON’T need.

And in the other corner

Tesla and AMD just gave Waymo and Intel the bird announcing the two companies are developing chips for our self driving future. Again, competition is such a good thing and will result in more innovation and customer value.

The Germans are coming

I thought the Tesla was the best looking EV, but Porsche just changed that. Porsche announced their EV concept Model E will go on sale in late 2019.  If the Model E really looks like this, damn.

But Americans want an EV Truck

This is the hero we’ve been waiting for, Bollinger Motors. I just stumbled upon these guys on Instagram and from the looks of it, their Truck EV is very close to being compete.

This week they took their truck to the track and released this hype video which did it’s job because I am hyped up.

That’s the speed of Facebook and Microsoft;’s new undersea cable. Stretching from Virginia to Spain, this 4,000 mile monster is in a class all it’s own.

That’s what she said

I was really confused this week when I got an email from Amazon about someone buying something on my baby registry. I didn’t know if this was cruel joke from my wife so I logged into amazon to try and track down this registry and to try and see what was purchased.

Here’s the good news, we’re NOT pregnant. Some intern at Amazon hit the wrong button because that email was a mistake. The company later issued an apology.

By the second

Amazon’s one upped the competition in the cloud computing market by announcing they will be moving to a new billing model which charges users by the second. Google and Microsoft were early adopters of billing by the hour but this move by Amazon puts them ahead of the curve, again.

If you can’t beat em

Lower your price. Oracle announced new cloud pricing schemes which are in line with market leaders. Here’s the kicker, they are saying it’ll cost users 50% less to run Oracle Databases in their cloud instead of Amazon. When you can’t beat ‘em, lower the price, get the customers on your platform, and over deliver once you’ve got em. In that order

120TB suitcase
IBM’s got a suitcase that crams 120TB into a suitcase. This is how you get to the cloud in a hurry.

Cisco buying Netapp?

Rumor has it Cisco is buying Netapp. I have been wondering what Cisco would do regarding storage. They’ve had a couple tries at storage and most recently purchased a Springpath for a software defined storage play. I was sure they would buy Pure Storage but they’ve been hemorrhaging money and have no plans to be profitable for a couple years which is the opposite of how Cisco does things.

On the other hand

Netapp is a tried a true platform with a large installbase and trying to reinvent themselves. Recent leadership changes and the acquisition of all flash vendor Solidfire show that Netapp is not ready to throw in the towel.

Flexpods are here to stay

I used to look at all the converged partnerships out there and scratch my head about what happens when one company wants to pull out or change strategy. The Cisco Netapp merger will kill the fud from rivals as Flexpods will now be controlled by a single mother ship.

Changing of the guard

Cisco’s old boss, John Chambers, is stepping down from his post as executive chairman after 27 years.

But he’s not done yet

Chambers announced that he’s joining the board for a social media darling, Sprinklr. Sprinklr is a single pane of glass for social media tracking, analysis, and publishing. I’m wondering the same thing you are… why do they spell it that way? Maybe I should check out their Tumblr.


It’s a thing and it’s coming October 9th on Vice.

This just got personal

The moment drone is a personal aerial drone and it is pretty cool. This little guy will follow you and capture that unforgettable selfie.

When they start walking

Just remember under that super realistic skin is a freaking robot. Researchers are developing synthetic muscles which will be useful when our robotic overlords conquer Earth. This breakthrough “could” lead to lifelike robots. Rolls eyes, we’re screwed.

Maybe it’ll bring me a beer

Before they conquer us, they’ll deliver cold ones. Panasonic is developing a robot that delivers beer via autonomous refrigerator. This is the kind of shit the robots will reference during the coming robot wars as a catalyst for slavery of mankind. Also, the robot’s name is Cool. The name is literally “Cool”.

Don’t worry about plugging in

More good news for us lazy folks, you’ll never have to use a power cord in the future. Thanks to companies like Pi and device manufacturers building in this tech. Forget charging pads, we’re talking true wireless.

Follow this…

Messaging matters

ServiceNow and Salesforce are now partnered to bring AI to the platforms
Salesforce just integrated Slack
And now Slack just raised $250M and is now valued at more than $5B.

This sounds like the start to a great novel, one where three young champions team up and go to battle Microsoft, I mean a giant monster.

Forecasting sucks

Salesforce is trying to change that by rolling out AI that will assist in forecasting activites. “Einstein is not going to tell you how much is going to close, it’s going to tell you and explain what data points are causing the predictions to lean that way,”

I don’t need it, but I want it

Dadbag, a fanny pack that will give you an instant ‘dad bod’

I haven’t been to a tailgate this year but if I was planning on it, this would be a must have item. The only thing I’m worried about is if it will fit around my current dad bod. If I get one of these I’ll share a pic.

Give me your CPU

The Pirate Bay included javascript on some of it’s pages that would hijack users CPU and put them to work mining cryptocurrencies. Can you imagine having a fleet of several thousand machines mining for you? No me neither. I can’t even figure out how to download a torrent.

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