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It’s the time of year down South where you want to sit on the patio and do 12 ounce curls. I had a crazy weekend playing VR and crying about football games. I can’t stop thinking about VR AR and a ton of news happened this week!

I read a couple articles this week that made me stop and think about our future robot overlords and as usual, there isn’t much we can do about it but I still seem to dwell on it.

  1. What happens when the robots are self aware and are self propelled to infinite knowledge? A new religion is born.  The religion of singularity already has a few followers.
  2. What happens when even the shitty jobs are disrupted? We’ve got at least 10 years to figure it out.

Have a great week and sub / share if you have a soul. Explainer had 646 pageviews in September, and I believe we will hit 1000 plus in October.


All hail the king… of HCI market share

Dell EMC have overtaken Nutanix as the new leader in HCI market share. There’s an old adage in the beer business that shelf space is how you win the great beer wars, and Dell EMC have more shelf space than any vendor out there.

Nutanix isn’t giving up that easy

They’ve gone public and have their eyes set firmly on the cloud. Earlier this year they announced a partnership with Google Cloud which gives them a direct hybrid partner. There’s new products being developed in their labs which will manage where workloads reside, such as an on premise private cloud or bursting to a public option.

Give me more

That’s what she said (points at Alexa)

Amazon has announced a whole slew of complimentary and new echo form factor gadgets as well as a refresh to the FireTV.

She’s playing games

If you’ve got an echo, then you probably get spammed by Amazon with constant updates about new “skills” Alexa’s developed. I tried playing a game on Alexa this weekend and got bored in under 30 seconds. I’m not the king of games or anything, but I can’t be the only person who thinks the experience is terrible.

Push my buttons

To improve experience, Amazon’s rolling out a button that connects to echo so you can better interact with games. This isn’t a Nintendo game pad or anything, I mean a game show buzzer.

Call me maybe

What if you’re grasping on to your landline phone but still want to act like you’re one of the cool kids? Amazon’s got you covered with the Echo Connect. Plug in a land line and it’ll make calls for ya.

Google’s attempt to steal the show

Last week, Google added to the Home product line to better compete with Amazon Echo, who’s clearly in the lead. Amazon rolled out the Echo Show several months ago that enables you to make video calls to someone or stream video to the device. (I just played with one of these at my father in law’s house and it works as advertised).

The Manhattan project

Rumor has it Google is developing a device to take on the Show, code named Manhattan. For us hardcore Google services users, this would be a device that could make its way into every room.

Who reads terms and conditions?

Not Amazon. They had YouTube streaming on the Echo Show, but Google just yanked the platform away from Amazon as it violates the T’s and C’s. When you’re late to the dance you either innovate, lower prices, or lawyer up.

Igniting the cloud

Microsoft hosted Ignite last week and they made a ton of commotion about Azure. OEM’s around the world have been selling Azure Stack ready solutions for weeks now but Microsoft announced the first unites are shipping this week.

Microsoft’s messaging dilemma

Around a year ago, Microsoft realized it was losing ground on an important platform in the enterprise, messaging. Newcomer Slack was disrupting the space and was just valued at around $5B.

What’s the plan?

Microsoft has a long history of not doing messaging very well. They purchased Yammer in 2012 for $1.2B and Skype for $8.5B in 2011. Fast forward to last year, they created a new product called Teams which is a Slack rip off, I mean clone, I mean a new platform that aims to be the truth for enterprise messaging. Teams has done so well in 12 months that Microsoft plans on retiring Skype for Business asap.

Microsoft’s snow ball

First it was amazon, then Google, now Microsoft is rolling out it’s own snowball to get data into the cloud on the cheap. It’s basically a 100tb suitcase that you mail to an Azure cloud near you.

KubeCon announced by CNCF

CNCF announced KubeCon, Kubernetes Conference, set for December 6-8 in Austin. This will be your chance to drink the cool aid for the low low price of $300.

The browser you forgot about

Firefox is rolling out new architecture and wants you to give it’s beta a shot. Firefox has continued to lose marketshare over the past couple years thanks to Chrome and Safari, but Mozilla is trying hard to correct the course. I’ve downloaded the beta and I agree that this new code is faster, they’ve even made a cute youtube to demonstrate speed tests. In a world dominated by 2 browsers, we need Mozilla Firefox more than ever as they are a true advocate for privacy and a free open internet.

“Transformational Systems Management Platform”

This is what happens when marketing gets a hold of a new product. I’m not a fan of this buzzword laden name but based off the Cisco blog, this looks like a great product. Last week Cisco announced Intersight, not to be confused with HPE Nimble Infosight, which is their new transformational systems management platform, not to be confused with converged management or HPE OneView. If they can standardize more of their stack into this platform, they will have a winner and I’ll be the first to say that HCI and UCS are a great starting point for Intersight.

What happens when the consultants get hacked?

If you’re Gartner, you might want to rethink your power rankings for security consulting leaders. Deloitte, Gartner’s reigning security consulting king for the past 4 years, just got hacked thanks to a flaw in 2 factor authentication. A couple things here…. We’re all at risk, it can and will happen to us all, and change your password.

Where’s my smart jacket

Because that’s a thing. Thanks Levis and Google. For $350 you can control your phone by rubbing the sleeve on your jacket and hail an Uber by clicking the right cuff link. I made up the second one but really anything is possible.


That’s how many shares Meg sold last week.

You never like to see this

Meg sells $21M of HPE shares…. You probably heard the rumors too. Who knows what’s in store for HPE leadership but their DC strategy and stack look stronger than ever.

SMB deserves all flash too

So Tintri is rolling out the T1000, a 10TB AFA starter that’ll scale to 40TB. I’ve worked with a ton of SMB customers that this would do wonders.

The Ataribox

I was too young to get an Atari but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one of these bad boys. $250 for a linux based computer that runs an Atari emulator and looks really good wrapped in wood. You’re entertainment center will thank you!

236 Miles

Delfast, a Ukranian born bike company you‘ve never heard of claim they’ve built an electric bike with a range of 236 miles per charge. Back it on Kickstarter

A good place to start for an AFA POC

All flash arrays are here to stay but many companies are still on spinning disk. As those old spinners go EOL, many companies will look to all flash as they re-platform. Change is tough, especially when your job is on the line so if you find yourself in a position where you need to look at all flash vendors, check out this POC article for AFA.

Moon Base Alpha

Elon’s plans to make us a multi-planetary species is coming to life. This week he reveled plans including diagrams of a moon base and detailed how to get us to mars. He even said we can get there by 2024.

spacex interplanetary image
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