One of the first things I install on a new device or bookmark on a new machine is Feedly. It’s my rss/blog reader of choice and was the heir apparent after Google shut down Google Reader back in 2008 or something like that. Feedly has rolled out constant improvements over the past few years and even offer a paid “pro” tier for customers who want more features than the average user. I am not even sure what I get for the paid tier, I just pay for it because I love the service and want it to succeed.

A month back I received an invitation to participate in a beta program to help improve a complete overhaul to their mobile application. I’ve been testing it for over a week now and it is a breath of fresh air. They overhauled the fonts and layout, you can smooth scroll through articles, and swipe to read later. These are just a few of the improvements I really like. The team started a slack channel for feedback and it is very active with community participation and feedback.

The main feature I am looking for is an improvement to the filters. Right now they have a great “mute” filter that will block articles that have a keyword. This is great if you’re trying to detox from the word Kardashian or Trump. But filter means more to me than just filtering out content. What I am looking for is a filtered feed that will only show articles if they contain a word or keywords. I am told this is coming. This will be huge for keeping up with competitors or keywords you want.

The team is also working on AI integration. This will do things like hide duplicate articles… okay I don’t know other use cases. Probably serve up recommended articles based on your viewing behavior.

My final impression is this is a huge improvement over the existing application. While the current application is useful and I love it, this is prettier and more usable.

I hope you have a great week! I am typed out and my mind is other places.



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