What made Google Glass so cringeworthy? I mean, I wanted some, that is until I saw a real life Glasshole in person at an airport wearing a unit. Here’s the good news…. they’re back. Not yet, but Google is reportedly working with the company cranking out Pixel 2 to manufacture their new AR head unit. My guess on price point will be $799, and since this is still pretty early in the AR lifecycle, we won’t see mass adoption out of the gate. If these things can deliver Google Maps and LinkedIn facial recognition then they will be a success. If they roll out a Tinder app, they will have a HOMERUN. Either way, early adopters will be Glassholes.

HERE COME THE GLASSHOLES // /VentureBeat // Google’s standalone AR headset is reportedly ‘not unlike’ Microsoft’s HoloLens



Snap Boss pushed out the update aggainstg his team’s advice. That’s called going rogue. // /The Information // How Evan Spiegel Fumbled Snap’s Redesign

First to market is paying off for YouTube as creators know what to expect from them in the long run and that matters. // /Techmeme // Publishers prefer YouTube over platforms like Facebook because of predictable success parameters, longer shelf life of evergreen content, deeper user engagement (Sahil Patel/Digiday)

Arista is known for it’s SW defined core switching but it looks like they are trickl.ing down to the edge // /Aruba networks – Google News // Arista Brings New Switches, Cloud Approach to Campus Networks

Integrators are the next wave of acquisitons // /CRN // Rackspace Steps Up Apps Offensive With Acquisition Of Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner

This is pretty funny and so true // /Lifehacker // Why Are My Parents’ iPhones All Synchronized Up?

Hell is still freezing over // /Digital Trends // Global financial giant Goldman Sachs is launching its own cryptocurrency

Coinbase is getting scary big. // /Tech – Fortune // Why Coinbase’s Cryptocurrency Business Could Jump 50%

Another classic quote from Elon… // /Tech Insider // Elon Musk says flying cars are a bad idea because they could ‘guillotine’ people on the ground

I have a big problem with handing over your DNA to a company in exchange for your ancestry then they put your DNA in a big database for tracking down criminals. It’s a little too big brother for me, but hey, Justice is serverd… again. // /New on MIT Technology Review // Another arrest shows why no one can hide from the genetic detectives

Them’s some fightin words. // /Tech Insider // The CEO of the world’s largest car company flexes on Tesla, touts best-selling electric cars, and says range anxiety is no longer an issue

You can’t get much for a buck these days so a ride in a tunnel sounds like a pretty good deal. // /Tech – Fortune // Elon Musk Says It Will Cost $1 to Ride the Boring Company’s ‘Loop’ Under Los Angeles

So many buzzwords in this headline // /CRN // Google’s Cask Data Buy Will Strengthen Its Cloud’s Appeal To Enterprise Analytics Developers, Partners Say

The leader in stock trading platforms is looking into building a crypto trading platform // /Recode – All // Lightspeed is plotting a new crypto investing project led by one of its partners

This isn’ the most terrifying headline this week. // /Artificial Intelligence News — ScienceDaily // Robots grow mini-organs from human stem cells

Amen to this one, shouldn’t AI sound a bit more like robots? I don’t mean Radiohead OK Computer, I mean something less humanlike. // /Singularity Hub // Google’s Duplex Raises the Question: Should Robots Sound Robotic?

I want one of these remotes, but my toddler finds great joy in hiding my remote controls. // /Digital Trends // Neeo Smart Remote review

The internet is a sick sick plance and Mozilla is trying to clean it up. // /Digital Trends // The Internet is sick. Here’s how Mozilla is making it healthy again

If you’re planning on retiring and under 35, you’re probably screwed unless you’ve been stashing cash under your mattress. // /Lifehacker // How Much Money You Need to Save by the Time You’re 35

I wonder how much Amazon paid Jordan Peele to get rights to his new series. This isn’t like Netflix, they are on the record spending buckets on content. His last production, Get Out, was such a huge success that I’m willing to bet Amazon will have a winner in this one too. // /Engadget // Amazon snags Jordan Peele-produced Nazi hunter series

Do you think AMD will clap back at Intel on this announcement? // /Engadget // Intel finally made a 10nm processor

“Don’t be evil”…. I was just writing about this on Side Notes. Is this a self fulfilling prophecy? // /Techmeme // Google removed “Don’t be evil” from the top of its code of conduct in late April or early May, Wayback Machine archives show; kept one mention at the bottom (Kate Conger/Gizmodo)

NYC was bonkers. I was planning on selling some ETH last Sunday, but knowing it was crypto week I assumed there would be a bull run. Maybe there wasn’t very much good // /Tech – Fortune // Blockchain Week: When Crypto Took New York City by Storm

Walmart rolling out VIP concierege for rich girls in NYC is like the NRA selling pistols at a farmers market in Portland. It’s so crazy it might work. // /Techmeme // Sources: Walmart has quietly launched Jetblack, members-only personal shopping and concierge service, now in beta in Manhattan (Jason Del Rey/Recode)

I can’t explain this but I want it on my desk right meow. // /Spoon & Tamago // From Prank to Product: Nekobusou (Armored Cats)

If you can’t lead then follow as closely behind the lelader as possible. // /Engadget // Nissan follows Tesla with an all-in-one solar storage package

The Skinwich

Behold the Skinwich


The KFC Double Down was once celebrated as the greatest culinary creation of a generation, and it should come to you as no surprise that the Double Down has inspired next great belt buster by a Patriot over on Lifehacker dubbed The Skinwich.

Hands down the most disgusting thing I want to eat. // /Lifehacker // Dear God what have I done: Behold the KFC Skinwich


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