Gobble Gobble
By Joe Rodgers
Happy Thanksgiving! I ate and drank too much, had a nap, watched football, and still had time to bang out this quick read for you.
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The Gravy Train

A holiday hero built a literal gravy train that blasts your dinner table with gravy.

The robot we all want according to Google’s Eric Schmidt

“When you ask a person what they would like a robot to do, the thing that they would like more than anyone else, is clean up the dishes in the kitchen. That is literally the number one request. And I say this having done this exhaustively” – Schmidt.

A little under parHPE 3PAR US sales are limping

JPMorgan Is Considering Giving Their Clients Access to a New Bitcoin Product

Here's How the End of Net Neutrality Will Change the Internet | WIRED

It’s not hard to see how companies could push these ideas further. Comcast could take a page from Verizon and stop customers from accessing any 4K content unless they pay for an unlimited account. And it could charge companies to sponsor data for their customers.

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