The AK-47 manufacturer, Kalashnikov, is bringing an electric car to market. Did you read that right? Do I need to say it again? Okay…. The AK-47 manufacturer, Kalashnikov, is bringing an electric car to market. Truth is stranger than fiction, and this rad looking hatchback is no exception. What I’m sitting here wondering is what makes a gun maker think it can compete with the likes of Our Holy Father, Elon? They’ve got machining down, and probably massive scale to support gun making. They probably figured out how to re purpose old machines or convert existing gun making machines to crank out electric vehicles. I just don’t know. It could all be a PR stunt for all we know. Here’s the bottom line, will it sell? If it looks as cool as this shot shared with the media, I would say maybe. If it’s as durable and reliable as it’s death bringing famous brother, then this car has a fighting chance.

Opinion on Pen Name’s and Twitter

Crypto Twitter was raging for a couple hours two days ago about personalities using pen names, fake accounts, trolling, and how what should be done about it. I read many responses and as usual, found myself double clicking deeper down the rabbit hole. It wasn’t my intention to share my thoughts on this, but Marty’s newsletter brought light to it and I had to chime in.

Marty in his own words:

I am writing this issue to curb the notion that we should silence anons who act in this way. We should simply ignore them. In my honest opinion, anons are a net positive on the world, especially in Bitcoin.

This was in response to dialogue about silencing “anon” twitter accounts that some say are not held to the same standards as “real” accounts. That “anon” twitter is much more hurtful than “real” twitter accounts, that these mysterious toons can destroy “real” people with no fear or blowback.

Now that you have more context, you can see where Marty was coming from. I for one have the opinion that “anon” Crytpo Twitter is one of the funnest subcultures that I’ve been a part. I personally follow many “anon” accounts and get real insight and real education from these personalities. I understand that trolling is fucked up, but we can’t call for censorship and account verification to use twitter.

I believe Matt Odell said it best with “Some of the most thoughtful and intelligent bitcoiners I know use nyms. I will always defend their usage, people should be able to engage, discuss, and contribute in this space.”

What’s kind of fucked up is that he was talking with a guy who routinely deletes all the tweets in his timeline. I mean, you can do what you want with your timeline, but chiming in on the effects of “anon” Crypto Twitter and deleting your timeline is anti-ethos IMHO.

For me, the first amendment is not touchable. Regardless if you’re “anon” or yourself, you should be able to say and write whatever you want. As long as it’s not defamation, hit publish.

**Full disclaimer, I am a cryptonoob and have no opinion so decide for yourself**



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