I’ve been listening to pods for a few years now, check that, since Steve Jobs was on stage pimping them in iTunes. Until recently, I haven’t been that serious about following Pods, they’ve come and gone. Much like a fad in my life, Pods have changed as my interest has changed over the years. The good news is that I’ve gotten more serious about following pods more regularly, but they are certainly catered towards my interests.

Here are my regular listens, the reason I pop in Pocket Casts and hit refresh.

Non Tech Top of the Queue

These are the ones I love and always enjoy. (Warning, this is almost all tech focused)

Tech Top of the Queue

Now that you know I believe in Aliens and watch the Real Housewives, let’s get into the good stuff. My favorite tech pods are listed below. This list is always changing because there is sooo much good content out there.

There’s a bunch more in the pod catcher and I’ll update this list from time to time. My wife thinks she’s the queen of pods and always hustling me to listen to new stuff and she usually gets her way, so there’s that too.