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Pretty Cloudy This Week

This week we saw a ton of announcements from VMware, everyone can finally shut up about the Uber CEO drama,  and so much more!

I wish I had something insightful to say about Hurricane Harvey, but I don’t. It’s terrible. Tons of people lost everything, hardly anyone had flood insurance. All I can do is encourage you to donate some cash to a local charity… besides the Red Cross as there’s no guaranty it will go to Houston.

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Plays well with others

In a post virtualization 1.0 world, VMware is embracing it’s closest friends and frenemies in an attempt to deliver on their core strategy, to enable customers to create and deliver apps for their business. VMware’s latest messaging involves a big tent, a tent so big everyone can come in and chill. They are doubling down on the cloud… again… and the message at the end of VMworld is that VMware is still relevant and they play well with others.

VMware Cloud is everywhere

VMware Cloud is live in AWS, they’ve been working on this since late 2016. This means you can run a hybrid model between your own private VMware vSphere cloud and AWS. They also announced a big partnership with HPE which delivers on HPE’s vision of the hybrid cloud through it’s composable infrastructure. It’s one thing to talk about hybrid cloud when you’re partnered with AWS, but you still need the self-driving infrastructure in your private DC to get to hybrid. That’s why the HPE composable strategy is so sweet.

But they want in on the container game too

Pivotal, VMware, and Google Cloud have entered the container management business together with the announcement of Pivotal Container Service (PKS). Take the best part of Pivotal Management, VMware NSX and vSphere, and Google Cloud and you might have a winner. If you put on you peer into the crystal at Tech Crunch, you can see how this joint partnership panned out, it’s been in the making since 1998. This will be one of those kubernetes plays where you need to be a VMware vSphere and Google Cloud customer for it to make sense. I would imagine there’s a pretty large market where this partnership makes sense, but I also know Google Cloud customer base is pretty small compared to the big two. This might be the partnership to kickstart Google Cloud into high gear and also keep VMware hip with the k8s kids.

VMware took care of fam

Dell EMC announced a slew of upgrades to it’s HCI platforms at VMworld that boast 50% perf boost and 30% latency reductions. VxRail, VxRack, EHC, NHC? It all got the refresh. There’s so many TLA’s in this article that you begin abbreviating the abbreviations. DELL EMC Converged Platforms Leader, Chad Sakac, believes HCI is soon to be a BILLION dollar business for the company. 

$36MThe amount Michael Dell is pledging to Hurricane Harvey Relief. That’s the most I’ve heard from a single company, hats off to you Mr. Dell. #HoustonStrong

A Whole lotta Alexa

Amazon closed on their next step towards global domination, Whole Foods acquisition is final. The internet lost their shit when Amazon was pimping Amazon Echo in Whole Foods. Prime Members will receive added benefits to shopping at Whole Foods. We saw price drops on day 1 and you know big things are in the works.

The odd couple

I would have lost money on this bet, Cortana on Alexa? The Echo platform continues to mature as Amazon and Microsoft are bringing Cortana to Echo. It’s fun to see this product develop, I’m a big believer in flash briefing on Echo, but now you can now pair Amazon Echo devices in speaker groups. Whole Home Audio just got a lot cheaper.

Ripple effects

We know Walmart has a very strong position AGAINST AWS, but we are now hearing Target is leaving Amazon’s Cloud. The lines have been (re)drawn in the sand, and big brands have to make a move. I can’t blame them on the departure. The last thing you want to do is support your newest biggest brick and mortar enemy. This ripple effect of the AWS Whole Foods acquisition will spell a win for Azure and Google Cloud as I expect to see many more retailers abandon AWS.


Data’s only as good as…

If you like charts then you’ll love /r/DataIsBeautiful. I get a kick out of the charts people post on the sub and sometimes I’m like “OMFG I can’t believe that chart!” Most of the time I don’t check the source data and I rarely think about it. This article from Angela Bassa was an eye opener for me because it speaks to the problems with data and how it’s collected.

An Essential fail

Last week we are jacked about the release of the Essential Phone, now a week in units are shipping (not well) and Essential leaked a ton of customer information by accident. Look, I don’t have a dog in the fight because I didn’t buy this phone, but it’s still one of the best phone’s oput there. The only bad reviews I am hearing are about the camera being sub optimal and battery life being poor. In 2017 both of those are key factors in buying a handset. You want to see a spec matrix for Essential Ph-1 and Google Pixel?

$89MWhen you are delivering quarter after quarter growth, that’s the bonus you get… if you’re Tim Cook. Mark your calendar for September 12th for the next big thing from Apple. 

Swipe home

Apple might be ditching the home button on the iPhone 8, opting for “gesture based” navigation. This will be like BlackBerry 10, swipe up to go home for example.

AR is coming

Augmented Reality apps have not cracked the mainstream consciousness, yet, but thanks to Pokemon Go, everyone knows about AR. The next iPhone is going to have a handful of AR ready apps on launch, but I’m sitting here wondering when Microsoft is going to deliver on the promises of Hololens.

Apple AR = ARKit
Google AR = ARCore

The more you know.

I’m so glad that is over

Uber got a new CEO. It’s a guy, but he’s not a tech bro. Let’s hope he’s not a sexist. Now hail me an Uber!


Dear David

This is a a story from twitter that’s a must read. I found it a couple weeks ago but it’s happening real time. Paranormal happenings documented daily.

Western Digital spent some this week

Actions speak louder than words. I’m not sure if Western Digital said it was serious about the cloud but buying Upthere and Tegile this week are a pretty good indicator. Upthere is known for syncing data across devices, which will compete with WD’s home grown app. Plans are to keep Upthere separate for the time being and to continue development on the application. They also signed the dotted line on the acquisition of Tegile, which is a flash based storage platform.

The biggest in all the land

Micro Focus is now the largest technology company in the UK thanks to it’s acquisition of HPE’s SW group.

Another Surface clone

Lenovo released a Surface clone this week and it’s priced to win. The Lenovo Miix 520 starts at $899 and coming in all flavors of Coffee Lake.

$1.3BDocker’s raising funds and is now valued at $1.3B. This round will go towards it’s pursuit to monetize Docker Enterprise. We are watching a brawl between the new kids on the nerd block as Docker and Kubernetes duke it out for the containerization crown. 

HCI moves

Lenovo announces ThinkAgile VX Series powered by vSAN and Cohesity announces hyperconverged data protection solution for VMware Cloud.

Puritans get a new chief

Pure Storage announces new CEO this week as Scott Dietzen steps down to make way for ex Cisco CTO Charles Giancarlo. Does this look like a move that would prop Pure up for a Cisco acquisition? I dunno but this AFA market is fast AF.


pron shop

Petabyte PR0N Project

Anonymous hero uploaded 1.9PB of PR0N to Amazon’s unlimited cloud storage just to see how far he could take it. Of course he uploaded the tools of the job to github. Happy downloading!

Palm is back… maybe

TCL bought the Palm brand back in 2014 from HP and is now planning to release new Palm HW running on Android in 2018. TCL has a track record now of resurecting the dead as they released their first BlackBerry handset earlier this year, so they do this kind of thing?

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