USPS and their scanner

I read a tweet a while back saying the USPS was scanning all our mail. I thought that was pretty rad. Turns out it’s true and you can see it first hand. Go to their website, register, and setup Informed Delivery. Here you’ll be able to see mail headed your way. Doesn’t look like they are capturing junk mail. Makes me wonder who is running the spam filter.

You can’t have it both ways (the whole thread)

This makes so much sense it hurts. I read that Mexico offered asylum to the caravan but they refused it and continued marching north towards the US. If that’s true, it really makes me question their motive. If they turned down asylum to neighboring countries and kept marching north, there has to be more motive than safety. My guess on the motive is an economic motive. Why stop marching in Mexico with the free handouts across the border to the north? I hate seeing the pictures of the women and children caught in the crossfire. Any mother who would March with her children. From Central America to the US is certainly seeking asylum and a better quality of life, but there had to be order to immigration.