Remember how everyone was up in arms about net neutrality? Remember how we were beating our drums about throttling websites violates our unalienable rights granted by our creator? Remember how Google has “Do No Evil” written in their very code? No, wait, they removed that.

If this article is true, then I think it’s time to pull out the war drum and get mad as fuck. According to Mozilla developer Chris Peterson, YouTube loads slower in Firefox than it does in Chrome. He says Google built YouTube on a SW stack that is best viewed in Chrome, rather than a standard that’s built into the other browsers.

“YouTube launched a new design knowing it was significantly slower in other browsers,” Peterson tweeted. “The new design could have been built using a different framework that looked and performed the same for all users instead of ‘Best viewed in Chrome.'”

Even if this isn’t true, I still want to make a point. I get that this is a free market and Google can do whatever they want with their products and services. We the people have been pretty damn clear about the desire for a free internet, free of throttling performance and speed. I hope Google wouldn’t throttle a competitor but I wouldn’t put it past them. At the moment I am trying to distance myself from Google services, but they are so good that it’s been very difficult.

Mozilla developer claims Google is slowing YouTube on Firefox / PC Mag



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