I watched something that you’re not supposed to watch and if you’re one of those people who overthink things, thinks this might be a simulation, and definitely believes we will soon bow down to our AI overlords….click this link and watch this video, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

The video is titled Selfish Ledger and it offers a future view of humanity where you are guided to make the best choices that lead you where you “want to go”. In other words, if you’re hungry in the future, you’ll be prompted and or guided to a food place that is most in line with what you want to be. If you are not walking enough, you’ll be prompted, because you said you wanted to be X, and people who have become or accomplished X in the past have walked Y minutes per day. It’s all kinds of screwed up and I am not doing it justice. By the way, Google made this video. This is not supposed to be a public video. They also said they ARE NOT working on social engineering outlined in this video they made about social engineering.

Just watch it.


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