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Teaching AI to a machine is so over my head it hurts. We’re advancing AI at a rapid pace but some really smart people think we’re going about it the wrong way. In the good old days, we had GOFAI (Good Old Fashioned AI), that’s where you program rules for everything. I have a hard time with conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets so teaching a computer how to play chess and win every time is next level. We’re now at an inflection point where AI Scientist can throw huge data sets at AI and which it can take and learn as it goes, that’s called machine learning. Machine learning has been all the rage the past few years, but you know, times change and there’s a new theory on developing next generation AI. Leading minds are now working on programming common sense into AI, so it can learn from scratch, no more big data set to get started. Common sense AI will lead to more capable AI in the future as we will no longer have to load data sets and AI will no longer be bound to a specialization as it will be able to adapt to whatever you teach it.


“A child does not recognize a dog with explicit rules such as “if number of legs=4, and tail=true, and size>cat.” Recognition is more nuanced—a chihuahua with three legs won’t slip past a 3-year-old. Humans are not blank slates, nor are we hardwired. Instead, the evidence suggests we have predispositions that help us learn and reason about the world. Nature doesn’t give us a library of skills, just the scaffolding to build one.”

shows difference between GOFAI and ML

Once again, Skynet is real and we will soon be bowing down to our robot overlords.

Science Magazine / Basic Instincts



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