• Federal Judge approves AT&T acquisition of Time Warner Cable for $85B
  • Trump is pissed because he hates CNN and wanted to block the transaction
  • This is a move to position AT&T in a competitive spot versus Netflix/Amazon and their content creation machine


As an AT&T customer I can only hope this acquisition means higher quality of service and lower prices, but we all know what this means…. prices will slowly begin to creep up. I imagine we’ll see a move from AT&T to roll out a “cord cutting” option for customers or an a-la-carte option to pick the channels you want.


First DIRECTV now this?

Last year I got conned into switching from U-Verse to DIRECTV and almost instantly regretted the move. The latency in switching channels was one of my biggest problems and they still haven’t figured out how to make satellite TV work when its raining. So now they’ve got wired and wireless infrastructure and a content creation powerhouse under one roof. Look all I am saying is bundle this shit together and lower my prices please. And please improve 5G service in Plano.


AT&T wins: Judge clears $85 billion bid for Time Warner with no conditions / CNBC









This happened….



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