The King and Queen of Netflix

Big news for President and First Lady Obama as they just signed a multi year deal with Netflix. We don’t know the financial details behind the deal, but my guess is that this is a big one. If they signed a $60M book deal a couple years ago, I can’t imagine what this is worth.

What will they make?

My prediction on content from the power couple looks something like this…… Comedians in Cars meets 60 Minutes. They’ll give their perspective on all things political and also spread their agenda on social messages. I am willing to bet that the DNC is clapping their hands very loudly at this deal.

Reuters: Technology News // Barack and Michelle’s next act: TV deal with Netflix


Uncle Sam cozies up to Tech Giants

Last week, a dozen Googlers resigned after protest to the companies partnership with the US Department of Defense. The two entities were working on a program that will use AI to better identify object from aerial imagery (this is so our tax dollars are more efficient at killing bad guys and less civilians). According to Gizmodo, many more employees are ready to resign, but they are waiting on job offers before they officially quit.

What’s this all mean in the big picture?

I think it means that the Government has to partner with big tech because it can’t develop technology as efficiently as the public sector. It means that tech and warfare will continue to grow closer and closer. It mean’s that 12 employees quit, but I’m willing to bet 12 more are ready to step up to the plate, especially if the money’s right.

Additional Reading On Big Brother:

Techmeme // Inside Project Indigo, the quiet info-sharing program between banks and US Cyber Command that helps the government respond quickly to online attacks (Chris Bing/Cyberscoop)

New on MIT Technology Review // Amazon is selling its face-recognition tech to police departments


Enterprise Storage and HCI

Who’s Dell EMC going to upset when they start cutting product lines?

The honeymoon is over for Dell EMC and reality is beginning to set in, they got way too many products in their stack that overlap. The two companies merged in 2016 and Michael Dell has gotten many praises on taking the company private, then buying EMC. But here we are two years later, and they’ve not made any significant reductions to the stack. The channel thinks this consolidation is coming sooner than later, but there’s a thing called confidentiality and no one has spilled the beans on details.


Pure keeps losing money and winning new customers

It’s hard to understand how a company, any company I’m not picking on Pure, can sustain losses and keep the lights on. I guess that’s why I’m writing this newsletter and not day trading. Here’s the numbers:

“Pure Storage posed widened losses of $64.3m in its Q1 ended April 30, up 12.5 per cent from $57.2m at the same time last year, while it saw an upswing in all-flash array sales.

Revenues for its first fiscal 2019 quarter were $255.9m, up 40 per cent on the year. The storage firm also posted an attendant upswing in product and staff costs – and listed an additional 500 staffers on the books – raising the headcount from 1,800 to 2,300.”

I think the silver lining is the 300 new customers in the quarter. This is the kind of thing that keeps investors in their seat.

The Register – Data Centre // The great Dell EMC storage slimdown: Giant to trim off product bloat

How they’re going to Accelerate?

Pure boss Giancarlo has made it very clear, Pure is not in the HCI business. They are not worried about HCI from Dell EMC, HPE, or Nutanix. They are focused on a doing a couple things really well:

  1. AI
  2. Flash at Scale
  3. Modernize legacy DAS with Flash

CRN // Pure Storage CEO Giancarlo Previews Data Center Architecture Simplification And More For This Week’s Pure Accelerate



Tech – Fortune // Facebook’s Fix-It Team

The Register – Data Centre // Tintri shares reformatted by investors: 85 per cent plunge in mere weeks // Pivot3 fills out HCI cloud strategy for partners by adding new capabilities, plus Azure and Google support // Hitachi Vantara fills out end-to-end copy management solution with HDID 6.5

The Register – Data Centre // HPE: Hell yeah, those job cuts worked out great… for our investors

CoinDesk // Circle Adds ‘Buy the Market’ Feature to Crypto Investment App

Container Journal // Red Hat Extends Operators Ecosystem for Kubernetes

VentureBeat // Google announces Kubernetes Engine 1.10 update with new enterprise features

PCWorld // Intel and Micron announce QLC dies, which means SSDs are about to get a lot bigger

Techmeme // Intel and Micron launch their jointly-developed QLC NAND flash memory, the first time the tech has reached market, trading write performance for lower cost (Billy Tallis/AnandTech)

Reuters: Technology News // Micron to buy back up to $10 billion of shares

The Register – Data Centre // NAND I… will always love you, says Micron as it emits 7.68TB QLC SSD

CRN // VMware’s New Channel Chief Is Ready To Drive Services Revenue For Partners

New on MIT Technology Review // Americans really don’t trust self-driving cars

Tech – Fortune // Netflix Users Threaten Boycott Over Obama Content Deal News // Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Customer Marketplace

Techmeme // SoftBank to sell its entire 21% stake in Flipkart to Walmart; SoftBank had invested ~$2.5B in Flipkart through its Vision Fund, is expected to make about $4B (The Economic Times)


I want this to work so bad….

Ride share scooter service?

Lyft is testing ride share service for electric scooters in San Francisco. This is so much cooler than bicycles and has way more utility. I mean, who wants to pedal? No one in Texas I can assure you of that. Sign me up and please make this work!

Tech Insider // Lyft is looking to launch an electric scooter service in San Francisco

Tech – Fortune // Here Are the Big Players in the Great Scooter Startup War

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