Microsoft’s cloud now holds 16% market share in the competitive cloud computing market. Since Satya took over the helm at Microsoft in 2014, the company has enjoyed 180% increase in stock price. The companies increased focus on cloud first and the world class Surface business unit is driving the companies success. When you see the numbers from last quarter, they are really impressive, trust me and keep reading.


Revenue in Intelligent Cloud was $9.6 billion and increased 23% (up 20% in constant currency), with the following business highlights:

  • Server products and cloud services revenue increased 26% (up 24% in constant currency) driven by Azure revenue growth of 89% (up 85% in constant currency)

  • Enterprise Services revenue increased 8% (up 7% in constant currency)



Put that in your pipe and smoke it. They are embracing open source and devs are coming their way. Serverless, containers,  and linux are now a common thing at MIcrosoft and no longer cardinal sins. What do you think will happen to the smaller MSP and cloud providers? How can they stand out?


Earnings Release FY18 Q4 Microsoft Cloud Drives Record Fourth Quarter Results / Microsoft






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