I found this great article last week that outlines a case for AI Nationalism. The basic premise was that as AI continues to rapidly advance, national governments will intervene in order to keep that technology within it’s country. In other words, national governments will block the merge/acquisition of AI companies by either foreign governments or companies. As a capitalist, I am like WTF, would a government go this far to protect IP? The answer is yes. AI is the next big thing and governments around the globe are dead set on being a/the leader in the space. The first country/company that reaches singularity wins.


Now fast forward to this week. It was Monday morning and I asked Google Home to read me the news. And what do you know? President Trump is in the news beating his chest about blocking acquisitions of companies by foreign interests.


The case for AI Nationalism is real, it is here, and I hope the group in Silicon Valley has its sleeves rolled up.


AI Nationalism / Ian Hogarth






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