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I love and hate the commercials on TV where the narrator paints a picture of a future where robots are taking all our jobs. Every old person I speak to is terrified of our AI assisted future. Look, I’ve read enough shitposts and watched enough Sci-Fi, I get it, to know that Skynet is real and we will be overtaken by our robot overlords. But that dystopian future is 100 years out. The near term sounds like AI will bring some great benefits like economic growth and overall market stabilization. These reports are a dime a dozen and really just predictions but I love reading them.


PWC AI Report
The solid line in the charts represents the net effect of AI, with the bars showing
the displacement and income effects.Graphic via PricewaterhouseCoopers


PWC used machine learning to model this report which is pretty crazy to think about…. a machine learning algorithm playing us, making us think we’re safe.


AI Won’t Kill The Job Market But Keep It Steady, PwC Report Says / Forbes




How to Wing a Team Presentation

How to Wing a Team Presentation






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