There’s AI inside this Box

I remember back in 2011 Box came out with 50GB free cloud storage for it’s users. That’s still a good deal today. Box has been making a big push towards enterprise customers but I’ve always thought of them as another cloud storage player.

Fast forward to the Boxworks 2017 and things have changed.  Sure, cloud storage is a core competency, but that doesn’t bring a ton of value to users.

“We are in the midst of a revolution in enterprise software driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we are making Box the most intelligent cloud content management platform in the world,” said Aaron Levie, cofounder and CEO of Box.

Box is bundling IBM Watson, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure AI technologies into the Box Skills Framework so users can let AI analyze and take action on the contents of their cloud.

This will deliver video, picture, and audio intelligence to the Box platform. Anyone who’s ever transcribed content is pretty pumped about this because let’s face it, transcribing is just the worst.

Attack of the printers

I don’t think you could write a more scary title for a horror film. HP Inc. Exec, John Tate, says printers are vulnerable end points and you better rethink your security strategy. HP is conveniently touting the “world’s most secure printer”.


According to IDC, public cloud now accounts for 1/3 of all IT infrastructure spending.

That’s $8.7B in case you wanted to know. When HPE and Dell EMC execs wonder where all that server revenue went, now they know.

The algorithm

Facebook CSO Alex Stamos and the algorithm got his panties in a wad this week, he’s had enough of the media dogging his team about the fake news bullshit. He says that the algorithms used to determine fake news are only as good as the line of code that’s written and reporters should engage with the engineers writing the algorithm instead of throwing all of Facebook and its employees under the bus. BTW, Facebook can fire anyone who discusses the algorithm or its IP with the media.

Loon gets new life

Alphabet’s Project Loon gets a 6 month approval to deliver Internet to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. 83% of the islands cell sites are still down. This won’t be as simple as floating balloons and bam there’s internet. Loon will have to be integrated with a network then they get floated. This is great news but the situation in Puerto Rico is still shitty as only 12% of the island has power.

Is Apple slowing your old iPhone

I swear that every iPhone user I know fully believes their devices performance tanks over time, as if software updates throttle performance. I was happy to see a post that addressed this but not happy about the reported results. According to Futuremark, you can take your conspiracy theory elsewhere.

15 Billion Dollars

That’s how much Alibaba is investing in AI and quantum computing.

“We aim to discover breakthrough technologies that will enable greater efficiency, network security and ecosystem synergy for end users and businesses everywhere,” – Jeff Zhang, CTO, Alibaba


I wonder how much insurance runs the Dubai police department, not that they care about expenses.

I’ve seen the Light and I want one too

What has 16 lenses and a 52 megapixel sensor? The Light L16 digital camera. This pig sports (16) 13mp lenses and stitches them together for some pretty rad pics. The best part is that you can stick this in your pocket AND it runs android. You will get more friends on Facebook if you have this camera.


A cloud security team forgot about the security part of the job description and leaves backdoor to AWS wide open exposing 150,000 users healthcare records. If you’re moving into the cloud, make sure you know how to move into the cloud.


Salesforce thinks sales bros want access to IoT devices so they are rolling out Salesforce IoT Cloud Explorer Edition. This will be a latform average joes can adopt to analyze IoT data through simplr to configure dashboards and reports. Sign me up.


Nutanix gets it’s big data groove on as it gets certified with Cloudera Enterprise. For those of you dying to scale your hearts out with that data lake, this might be the ticket.


Containers vs. Serverless Computing. Read this because I know you haven’t wrapped your head around either technology.


Print a hard copy of this article for your over bearing boss who is micro AF. This is the future of work and worth a read.


You’ve got to appreciate a good partnership. Hyperloop 1 is now the Virgin Hyperloop 1. Sir Richard wasn’t about to sit on the sidelines for this.


Oculus announced it’s new WIRELESS VR headset dubbed the Oculus Go. It’ll retail for $199 and be ready in early 2018. Y’all, VR is here and I recommend you go ahead and get your headset because they’re kinda gross to think about. You know all that sweat and such.


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