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This week was crazy. Life stopped on Monday as the sun went away and last night a pro boxer beat an amateur boxer. This week I’m publishing directly to LinkedIn to see what it’s like on this platform. I’ll also be sending this same content out through the newsletter so please subscribe if you’d rather get this in the ole inbox. Always Be Testing. As always, let me know your thoughts feedback or content you’d like to be covered.

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Last weeks news below…

Serverless is a Killer

Last week we mentioned serverless computing as an emerging tech and now ambitious tech bloggers are saying serverless computing is going to kill containers. Compute infrastructure is changing rapidly, and Google’s pet project in Kubernete’s might emerge victorious for a battle, but serverless computing is the war itself… according to serverless computing proponents.

“Serverless patterns are pulling the rug from underneath container cluster managers faster than the latter [are] becoming industrial grade.” – Subbu Allamaraju, Expedia VP of Cloud

Security is always a big issue when it comes to emerging tech, but Twistlock is already doubling down on securing serverless infrastructure.

But Kubernete’s is just getting started

Google has been developing Kubernetes for 15 years and there is no sign of it slowing down. Each week there is a treasure trove of announcements/partnerships/and new bits. When you see Microsoft opening it’s walled garden to Red Hat, you know this is important. This week the two companies announced Windows support in OpenShift, OpenShift Dedicated on Azure, and SQL Server support in OpenShift and Red Hat Linux. But don’t think for one second that Red Hat has all it’s eggs in one basket, back in May, they announced OpenShift and Amazon AWS are BFF.

Growth in the container space is so rapid that analysts are saying containers will overtake virtual machines in platform space very soon.

Google might be late to the dance but it’s still got some moves

Yes, they have a very small market share in the public cloud space compared to Azure and AWS, but that doesn’t mean the search giant plans on throwing in the towel. They are developing their own chips that are secured by root of trust, you can’t even physically break into this shit. They are also partnered with Box to deliver AI to Box’s unstructured data, all on Google Cloud. This cloud is so smart it can remove watermarks from photos which has Shutterstock’s panties in a wad.

And they’re taking it to Microsoft

Google launched Chrome Enterprise Edition this week which is a great idea. As enterprises move more apps to the cloud, the need for .exe apps on a local machine is shrinking each year. I have a Chromebook and like the idea, but my HW is several years old and it is not my daily driver. I think there is a use case and opportunity for Chrome OS and it’s exciting to see how the platform has matured over the past couple years.

Cisco acquires SpringPath and had talks with Turbonomic

The Hyperconverged market is so hot right now! We’ve seen more consolidation this week as Cisco purchased Springpath for $320M to fight back against HPE SimpliVity and DELL EMC. It’s been a hell of a year for Cisco as they’ve made more than 6 acquisitions. A power play that didn’t happen (yet) is the acquisition of cloud management startup Turbonomic. This acquisition would further cement Cisco’s pivot into the SW space, and the cloud management space is mighty important especially for Old Guard HW manufacturers.

Alibaba’s Cloud Business is no joke

AliCloud is a tiny fraction and barely a bleep on the radar compared to AWS, but it grew 96% YoY and Alibaba is cloning AWS to the best of it’s ability. Cheap intro cloud pricing and get em locked into higher margin product and services. That’s how they will win. It’s how everyone wins in this space.

Google will be getting my money for this

It’s not confirmed but the internet is speculating Google will be releasing a smaller companion device to the Google Home, much like the Amazon Echo Dot. I have an Echo and really like it but I really want a Google Home. I am all in on Google Services, and the idea of a smaller & lesser expensive Google Home is just what I am looking for. As the battle for the smart home is under way, Google and Walmart are joining forces to try and counter strike the Amazon Whole Foods merger. The two companies are working on shopping on Google Home that will be fulfilled by Walmart. You gotta do something or you go away.

Pixel Phone Refresh this fall

Evan usually calls it… October 5th is the magical day we get new Pixel phones.

Xbox One X is now available

Microsoft released the Xbox One X over the weekend at Gamescon. If you like feeling exclusive, you better act fast because there are some sweet limited edition skins. Microsoft is also working to make sure the One X is backwards compatible, which is the opposite of a dick move.

Remember Winamp?

Back in the early 2000’s, Winamp was the defacto MP3. Even after Apple changed the world with the iPhone and iTunes Winamp held onto a loyal user base. Over time, Winamp changed hands a couple times and now no one uses it. Sad story about a great product.

It’s all fun and games until the FBI cancels your contract

The FBI is telling other Government agencies that Kaspersky Labs is spying on them, NOT COOL, and to uninstall/cancel purchases from the “security” company.

Only the Essentials

The father of Android OS, Andy Rubin, started a hardware company called Essential. This week preorders opened for Essential’s debut device, the Essential Phone. Great name. This thing has got rad specs and the only negatives I am seeing is battery life and camera could be better. I’ve owned 1st gen HW in the past and battery life got better as the SW was improved post release, battery life could be moot. It really is a great looking phone, say goodbye to bezels.

Do You Even Mine, Bro?

19 GPU Mining Rig is now a thing. Damn.

In case you need to back up that PR0n collection

Western Digital released a 20TB desktop storage system. It’ll set you back $800+ at release but you will have more storage than any of your friends and your street cred will go up by 16 points.

BlackBerry keeps letting me down

What’s jet black, got a physical keyboard, fits in your pocket, runs android, hand has shitty specs?

I want BlackBerry to get it right, but the suboptimal processor and 3gb ram make me cringe. I still want it though…

King Troll

Talk shit about pharmabro and you risk losing the internet. He’ll buy your name in domain form and hold it ransom. What a guy. I don’t like him, but he is great character for the internet.

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