Articles like this make me question this newsletter

I am literally my third newsletter into this “project” and then read an article like this. Why should I curate when a machine can do it, especially when it’s powered by the crowd… and valued at $20B? I’m not giving up any time soon but let’s face it, if a human can do it, a machine will eventually be able to do it better and cheaper than us. Here’s proof. Until then, I guess I’ll keep on keeping on. Gartner is even saying that AI will be in “almost” every new SW product by 2020. Let’s hope AI is put to some good use besides whooping our ass at games.

Docker Gets an Upgrade

The little whale that continues to mature and is now mainframe ready. Docker Enterprise gets an upgrade and now users can manage both legacy and new style services from a “single pane of glass”. This is especially relevant because IT leaders can now look to Docker Enterprise as a platform that can handle all workloads, not only these new apps and is no longer viewed as emerging technology. The Docker Team is doing it’s homework and has created a ROI calculator because let’s face it, you’re not a real player until you have a ROI calculator. Docker is also investing in tools around Application Modernization because platforms aren’t shit unless apps gen get there.

A Biased Look at Docker / Kubernetes / Mesosphere

Containers are HOT AF and you might not know all the differences in the platforms, looking at myself here. All the players in this space are beating their chests on why they are the best and this article gives us the landscape from Mesosphere’s POV.

CoreOS brings Kubernetes to Azure

I didn’t know that there were different distros of Kubernetes until I read this article. Just goes to show you that sales guys really don’t know everything. Anyway…. CoreOS has a Kubernetes distro named Tectonic, and the latest release brings it’s enterprise container management to the hybrid cloud via Microsoft Azure. This release of Tectonic brings users 1 click upgrades, which is a pretty big deal considering Staples has an easy button.

GitHub gets their Kubernetes Groove On

Github positions itself as the primo repository for open source innovation. The thing is, they have been doing things the old fashioned way, that is manually. GitHub announced this week they are migrating to Kubernetes, so no more manual bullshit. They are eating their own dogfood and practicing what they preach. This article is way over my head but it’s filled with so many buzzwords that you’d be a fool to not read it.

RedHat does Kubernetes Too

Red Hat’s distro of Kubernetes brings the value to open source by wrapping additional services and apps around the platform. This week they announced version 3.6 of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform which hangs it’s red hat on bringing all the tools together that have to do with managing enterprise container environments. Red Hat is all in on this tech, read this to get up to speed.

Greenqloud not Green Cloud

This isn’t a story about the worst name in IT. No, this is about Netapp stepping up its hybrid cloud fabric and orchestration game. File System old guard powerhouse Netapp announced the acquisition of Greenqloud which is best known for it’s renewable energy powered datacenters over in Iceland. They also, allegedly, do a pretty good job of hybrid cloud fabric and orchestration with their kubernetes engine, Qstack.
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WTF is Serverless

 I haven’t heard this term before, but Amazon is pimping Serverless, and now it’s the new hotness. IOpipe now let’s you monitor serverless infrastructure. It’s like watching something that’s not even there, man!

I don’t need this but I want it

The Elgato Stream Deck is the ultimate vlogging tool. I don’t vlog or live stream, but I desperately want this periphereal on my desk asap. It’s a customizable pad with buttons you can map to launch apps or actions within apps. Pretty shweet.

Newton Email Client for Windows 10

I had a Mac at one time, and you’ve got to give the platform credit when it comes to elegant applications. One of the most popular email clients for Mac is now available on Windows 10 and I’m test driving this for the foreseeable future. Nevermind, it’s $50 a year, but it is clean. Hot

Hot Handsets

The Essential Phone is live this week and is the most handsome handset I’ve ever seen.  Remember Nokia? Yeah me too. Nokia dropped the Nokia 8 flagship android that’s all about that #bothie.

The Last Nightlight You’ll Ever Need/Want

It’s cloud connected, motion activated, and live on kiskstarter. My little princesses will want this. I bought the 3 pack because I need some more pink ambient light in my house.

The Block Is Hot

Rebuilding the internet from the ground up for a blockchain world is noble and is now a funded cause thanks to the team at Blockstack. If you don’t believe blockchain is here to stay, you’re obviously not listening to Jack, Dorsey that is. Now there’s a blockchain powered cloud storage company and social network. I don’t know how much more mainstream this can get, oh wait, I still can’t explain this shit to my mother. Lastly, Intel and Microsoft have developed Coco Framework which aims to bring blockchain to the enterprise which promises 1600+ transactions per second and secure data management.

You Might Want to Rethink That Microsoft Surface Purchase

Consumer Reports claims Microsoft Surface products have a 25% defective rate on certain models and Microsoft is like, aw hell naw they wrong.

The DOD bans DJI then…

DJI tweaks security settings, then DOD let’s em back in. Now some Dukes are putting machine guns on drones. This is real life.

AMD Really is on top right now

AMD’s latest generation of consumer grade video cards, Vega, are now available. They are holding their own versus Nvidia and really kicking ass in multithreaded workloads with their new flagship chips. Meanwhile, Intel announces their next generation 10nm chip code named Ice Lake in a frenzy to calm the fire AMD has created. Here’s the kicker, Ice Lake won’t drop til 2019. Damage control?

I thought I was a bad ass because I can pivot

Then I see these kids and realize I ain’t shit.

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