At least once a week I find myself saying out loud “Thank you Internet.” You know why? Fire memes. Memes are life, but do you know where they come from? No. You’re casual and have no idea how the internet runs or its rules. That’s why you’re here, reading this half ass “newsletter” on important topics.


But seriously, where do they come from?

In a word, 4chan. Yep, it’s the uncensored message board home to the Internets darkest personalities that aren’t on the dark web. (They’re probably on the dark web too) 4chan is like Reddit and has certain topics which develop a community. A big difference is that Reddit has usernames and 4chan is anonymous. That lends itself to no holds barred meme creation and a better Internet for all of us.


This is where internet memes come from / New on MIT Technology Review









This is 2018…

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