You’re at your family Thanksgiving party and that cousin from California busts out one of those DNA tests. Everyone is pumped and swabs their mouth without hesitation. The promise of knowing “Where I came from” is too much to pass up and we’ll have the results by Christmas. Weeks pass, now it’s Christmas and your elbow deep in the bowl of Uncle Ned’s Egg Nog and that cousin busts out the results. Turns out you’ve got the most boring DNA ever and there are no surprises. That was fun. But what happens now? What happens to your DNA? Is it yours? Did you read the T’s & C’s before you swabbed your mouth?

Did you read the T’s & C’s before you swabbed your mouth?

No, you probably didn’t. Now guess what… that noble DNA testing company promising you the keys to your ancestry just got bought by one of the largest drug makers on the planet. Now you really don’t own your DNA. Now your DNA is in a pivot table in a lab having algorithms fired at it. Your poor DNA.

Flash forward 10 years.

You find yourself in an internment camp for people with the same shitty DNA sequence, the one where you develop a really bad disease that isn’t curable. You’re considered a strain on society and you’re on an island left to survive like a pack of wild dogs. All of this happened because of that cousin from California and that stupid DNA test.


That story just happened. Mark my words. Here’s the real story.

DNA testing company 23andMe has signed a $300 million deal with a drug giant — here’s how to delete your data if that freaks you out / Tech Insider



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